Chemical name:

Polyethylene glycol, Polyoxyethylene glycol, Macrogol 6000

Regulatory status:

POLIkol 6000PF meets the requirements of the current Ph. Eur. monograph for Macrogol 6000


specialty products, specialty additives

Markets and applications:





polyethylene glycols



CAS No.:



PEG - 135


POLIkol 6000PF belongs to the group of polyoxyethylene glycols. It is a product meeting the strict quality requirements specified in the latest edition of the European Pharmacopoeia, thus it can be classified to the macrogol group. The commercial product is in the form of white to pale yellow wax with a faint odour and a solidification point of about 53°C.  

POLIkol 6000PF, due to its compliance with pharmacopoeia requirements, can be used in many pharmaceutical applications. One of them is to give the right form to drugs in the process of forming capsules or microcapsules, where it is used as a plasticizer for film-forming polymers. POLIkol 6000PF is also responsible for the film coating of the tablet. 

POLIkol products in solid form are used as a base for suppositories and globules. PEGs are widely used in this application since many of the active substances are readily soluble in them, which improves their bioavailability. The advantage of using PEGs in solid form is also supported by the high stability of the final formulation and ease of storage. Due to their high solidification point, PEGs do not require refrigerated storage. The hardness of the base can be determined by the appropriate blends of two solid polyethylene glycols. The combination of POLIkol 6000PF with PEG4000 in the right ratio gives a stable, hard base for the globule.

In addition, very strong lubricating properties of POLIkol 6000PF are used in soluble tablets and eye drops. 

POLIkol 6000PF of pharmaceutical quality is also used in dermocosmetics as a solubilizer, lubricant and dispersant. It serves as a base for creams, toothpastes or lipsticks.

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Properties and applications:


Product advantages:

  •  compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia,
  •  good solvent for API active substances,
  •  safe, non-toxic substance,
  •  good solubilisation and lubricating properties,
  •  high solubility in water.


  •  capsules, microcapsules and pill layers,
  •  suppositories, globules,
  •  eye drops.
  •  dermocosmetics (creams, toothpastes, lipsticks). 


Alternative names:

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Polyoxyethylene glycol, Macrogol 6000, PEG, POE, PEO, Polyethylene glycol (Hide)


polyoxyethylene glycol macrogol solubilising agent european pharmacopoeia PEG POE PEO polyethylene glycol pharmaceutical eur. ph. excipient pharma grade pharmacopoeia excipients API dermocosmetics ointments medicines active substances auxiliary humectants active ingredients binding agents emolients cosmetics
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