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Crossin® Front System

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Crossin® Front System - a complete certified external thermal insulation composite system based on polyurethane insulation panels. Crossin® Front System is an effective insulation system that can help you not only to significantly reduce heat and energy losses in a building, but also to ensure a healthy environment in insulated rooms.

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Properties and applications
  • thermal insulation and finishing of double-layered external walls in ETICS technology,
  • a seamless wall insulation system,
  • creating an external insulation that is resistant to moisture and water, as well as to mould and fungi, and repels insects and rodents,
  • effective thermal modernisation and insulation of walls in residential buildings, tenement houses, offices, sports facilities, schools, kindergartens,
  • thermal insulation or modernisation of cool warehouses, production and storage halls inside of which a constant temperature should be maintained,
  • execution of thermal modernisation works,
  • durable and stable insulation of industrial buildings, utility and farm buildings,
  • insulation based on rigid polyurethane panels (PUR) with a fire class E and closed-cell structure,
  • the material is suitable for recycling.

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Insulation board, PU insulation systems

Rigid foams / Block foams


Consumer products and packaging / Thermal insulation systems
Polyurethanes / Poliurethane systems

Alternative names
Thermal insulation system, PUR insulation, PUR panels, ETICS system
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