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Mixture of chemical compounds
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Flo Bathroom Cleaner is a modern spray formulation for cleaning washable surfaces in the bathroom. It is extremely effective and convenient to use. Thanks to a special Pro Active formula it creates an active foam that stays longer on the cleaned surface and dissolves dirt, restoring shine to the cleaned surfaces. The product effectively removes limescale and soap deposits.

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Properties and applications


  • Pro Active Foam formula,
  • effective and efficient,
  • formulation enriched with active ingredients,
  • does not leave streaks or scratches,
  • long-lasting, fresh, citrus fragrance,
  • does not contain phosphates,
  • easy to use.


  • liquid for cleaning bathrooms and sanitary facilities,
  • removing scale and soaps from soap,
  • cleaning bathroom fittings, showers, stainless steel batteries,
  • cleaning enamel, acrylic, ceramic and porcelain baths.

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Consumer products and packaging / Bathroom cleaners
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Alternative names
Mixture of chemical compounds, surface cleaner, dirt remover, limescale remover, bathtub and fixture cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, bathroom fixture cleaner, shower cabinet cleaner
Manufacturer: PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o.

PCC Consumer Products Kosmet is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of ready-to-use chemical formulations, including cosmetics and personal hygiene products, disinfectants, household and professional chemistry.

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