Chemical name:

Mixture of surfactants


specialty products, formulations

Markets and applications:

building & construction, raw materials and intermediates


foaming agents, raw materials & intermediates






Roksapian N Flakes is a specially composed mixture of surfactants, which is used as a raw material for producing foaming sticks for formation waters. The product is offered in the form of cream-coloured or beige flakes that may be easily formed into foaming sticks. The temperature of crystallization ranges between 46 and 50°C. The form of flakes facilitates the use for clients who have no appropriate infrastructure for heating raw materials.         

Roksapian N Flakes have very high flash point (above 200°C), making it suitable for safe use in underground mine workings. Appropriately selected ingredients of the preparation ensure efficient and successive release of active substances from foaming sticks, ensuring foam generation in formation waters at lower temperatures. The water solubility of Roksapian N Flakes at higher temperatures is highly efficient, whereas at lower temperatures it is slower.

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Properties and applications:

Advantages of the product:

  • Safe use in mine workings
  • Very good foaming properties
  • Compatibility with formation waters
  • High solubility in hot water
  • Convenient form of flakes allowing easy administration


  • Extractive industry – production of foaming sticks intended for foam creation in formation waters

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