Chemical name:

Alcohols C12-14, ethoxylated, sulfated, monoisopropanolamine salts


surfactants, anionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

I&I cleaning, personal care


base surfactants, cleansing agents, foaming agents


alkyl ether sulfates




MIPA Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol


SULFOROKAnol L390/1M belongs to the group of anionic surfactants with active substance concentration of 85%. It is provided in the form of a clear viscous colourless or yellow liquid.

SULFOROKAnol L390/1M is used in the sector of cosmetics and detergents. It has high foaming capacity and creates stable, rich and creamy foam. The product also has solubilizing, moisturising and emulsifying properties. The product is an efficient cleaning agent, as it thoroughly purifies and degreases  skin and hair. It has a low comedogenic and allergenic rating.

The product is suitable for use as an input ingredient to produce bath foams, in particular in the form of oils, preparations for personal hygiene and cleaning agents. Typical examples include bubble baths, shampoos and bath lotions without water. It is used in shampoos, face and body wash gels, peelings, bath lotions, i.e. liquid soaps and shower oils. The product may be applied as an ingredient of the preparations for personal hygiene due to low skin irritant properties. SULFOROKAnol L390/1M  is also used as an ingredient of liquid detergent concentrates.

SULFOROKAnol L390/1M is used as a thickener and dispersant to suspend insoluble powders and granules, e.g. fine grains in peelings. The product also prevents their precipitation in the formula, acting as a dispersion stabilizer. The surfactant is also recommended for creating micro-emulsion in the systems with high oil content.

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Properties and applications:


  • highly concentrated form of the product (range of active substance: 82 – 88 %)
  • gentle, does not irritate the skin,
  • perfect foaming properties,
  • Low comedogenic and allergenic rating,
  • generates high and stable foam,
  • biodegradable.


  • shower oils,
  • bath oils for atopic skin,
  • hand wash oils for dry and sensitive skin,
  • shampoos and anti-dandruff shampoos,
  • gentle baby shampoos,
  • hand wash preparations for very dirty hands,
  • shower foams,
  • baby bath gels,
  • anti-acne face wash foams,
  • shaving foams,
  • peelings,
  • laundry washing agents.

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