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The Brilless agent for cleaning the grill and oven easily removes burns and baked dirt. It also copes well with greasy soiling. The product can also be used for cleaning grates in ovens, burners and for fireplace glass. It is effective and fast in action. Convenient bottle with sprinkler makes it easy to reach crevices and nooks.

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Properties and applications


  • removes difficult dirt,
  • effectively removes burned leftovers,
  • removes the baked dirt,
  • removes dirt from the fireplace, oven and grill,
  • can be used for cleaning grates in ovens and burners,
  • highly effective,
  • cleanliness without scrubbing,
  • dissolves dirt,
  • reaches gaps and corners,
  • easy to use and efficient,
  • does not contain phosphates and parabens,
  • manufactured using easily biodegradable surfactants,
  • formulation enriched with active ingredients,
  • contains preservatives with low allergenic potential.

Application: spray for grill, oven and fireplace glass

Recommendations: Check product operation in a less visible place. Do not inhale the spray. Do not use the liquid for hot, aluminum, tin and zinc surfaces. Use in accordance with the cleaning instructions recommended by the equipment manufacturer and the safety data sheet. Do not mix with chlorine-containing agents.

Best to use before the end: the date stated on the packaging. The given date is also a batch designation. Store at a temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. Protect the product against freezing.


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Alternative names
Barbecue spray, oven spray, spray for the fireplace glass, liquid for cleaning the oven, scalding liquid, liquid with active foam, spray with active foam, spray for cleaning grease, dirt and burns
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