Ekoprodur PM3039 Polyurethane system

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Ekoprodur PM3039 is a three-component polyurethane system used for the production of floral foam. The system consists of a straw-colored Ekoprodur PM3039 polyol (the POLY component), a brown isocyanate (the ISO component) and a colorless stabilizer with increased viscosity. None of the components contain any suspensions.

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Properties and applications
  • production of rigid foam with an indirect density of 30 kg/m3;
  • production of polyurethane (PUR) foam with an open cell structure and high water absorption;

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Other applications

Rigid foams / Block foams, Casting foams

Polyether polyols / Other

Polyurethanes / Poliurethane systems, Polyether polyols

Alternative names
Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates, Three-component polyurethane system, PU system, PUR system, polyurethane system for the production of florist foam, universal polyurethane system, polyurethane system with good parameter stability, polyurethane system for direct pouring in the mould, polyurethane foam with uniform density distribution, PU foam with good flow properties, polyurethane foam for filling moulds of various elements, insulating material based on rigid polyurethane foam, flower foam, floral foam, foam for filling moulds and shapes.

Manufacturer: PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o.

PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o. is a long-term manufacturer of one and two-component polyurethane systems used, for example to produce rigid and semi-rigid insulation materials, insulating spray foams or various types of glue.

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