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Roko Professional Chlorine P0,5 Disinfectant

Ready to use
PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o.
Chemical name
Mixture of sodium hypochlorite and phosphonates
Biocidal product Biocidal product Biocidal and virucidal preparation Biocidal and virucidal preparation Good manufacturing practice Good manufacturing practice ISO 14001 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ISO 50001 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 Pharmaceutical quality Pharmaceutical quality New New ISO 45001 ISO 45001 Universal product Universal product
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Roko Professional Chlorine P0,5 is a ready-to-use preparation with a proven disinfecting effect for various types of surfaces. It provides virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effect. It is perfect both for individual and professional use.

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Properties and applications

Advantages of the product:

  • it provides virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effect;
  • contains active chlorine;
  • suitable for individual and professional protection and disinfection.


  • disinfection of public places;
  • disinfection of public communication routes: shelters, bus/tram stops, handrails, door handles;
  • disinfection of workplaces, including healthcare institutions, food industry facilities, public utilities;
  • cleaning and disinfection of locker rooms, floors, entire warehouses;
  • disinfection of air-conditioning systems;
  • disinfection of public transport;
  • disinfection of industrial and commercial systems, including the food contact surfaces;
  • disinfection and cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, including windows, doors, showers and bathtubs;
  • hygienization of non-coloured protective clothing.

Markets and applications
Food industry / Cleaning products for installations in food industry, Disinfection products
I&I Cleaning
Raw materials and intermediates
Water & Wastewater treatment

Cleansing agents
Disinfectants and biocides
Virucidal agents


Consumer products and packaging / Bathroom cleaners, Kitchen cleaners
Specialty Products / Formulations

Alternative names
Mixture of sodium hypochlorite and phosphonates
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