Roteor®M3SP (Foam extinguishing agent)

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Chemical name
Mixture of surfactants
Biodegradable product Biodegradable product High efficiency High efficiency
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ISO 14001 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ISO 50001 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 ISO 45001 ISO 45001
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Synthetic, 3% foam-forming, fire-extinguishing, concentrate intended to produce low, medium and high expansion foams, to extinguish class A fires. Classified as class 3 and level D product (EN 1568-3), temperature of use -13°C.

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • product with high durability and foam stability,
  • extinguishing efficiency and effectiveness,
  • condensation and high temperature resistant foam,
  • extinguishing efficiency at the IIID level for tap water according to PN-EN 1568-3,
  • can be mixed with similar synthetic foam-forming extinguishing agents,
  • easy biodegradability,
  • low toxicity to the aquatic environment.


  • mechanical extinguishing foams with all levels of foaming when used in the production of tap water,
  • extinguishing agents intended for fire brigades, forest services, chemical plants, factories, airports, refineries.

Markets and applications
Fire prevention

Fire fighting
Foaming agents


Specialty Products / Formulations

Alternative names
Mixture of surfactants, Water-alcohol solution of surfactants, a hydrotropic substance, corrosion inhibitor and foam stabilizer.

Manufacturer: PCC Exol SA

PCC EXOL SA is one of the most important manufacturers of surfactants and chemical formulations in Central and Eastern Europe. The company offers surfactants, specialist additives and chemical formulations for many branches of industry.

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