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Ekoproflex 50-140

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PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o.
Chemical name
Formulated mixture of polyol and isocyanate
Certificate of Health Quality Certificate of Health Quality Low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds Low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds
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EKOPROFLEX 50-140 is a polyurethane system (PU or PUR), which consists of two components, i.e. component A and component B. As a result of combining the ingredients and pouring the mixture into a heated form, a moulded flexible foam is obtained. The product is distinguished by increased density and resistance to possible mechanical damage. It is designed for the production of large-size elements with densities from 180 to 350 kg / m3.

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Properties and applications
  • production of elements based on flexible foam with increased strength parameters
  • production of elements with higher density, hardness and resistance to mechanical damage
  • production of furniture elements, including seats, headboards, armrests
  • production of equipment for public transport vehicles, agricultural machines, incl. seats, armrests, handles
  • production of armrests, steering wheels, seats without upholstery with a very thick layer
  • production of acoustic insulation

Markets and applications
Furniture / Mattresses & cushions
Transportation / Acoustic insulation, Seats, headrests, armrests

Flexible foams / High resilience foams


Polyurethanes / Poliurethane systems

Alternative names
Formulated mixture of polyol and isocyanate, Polyurethane, Polyurethane systems, PU, PUR
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