Chemical name:

Alkohols, C9-11, ethoxylated


surfactants, non-ionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

detergents, I&I cleaning, paints & coatings, textile industry


cleansing agents, wetting agents


alkoxylated alcohols



CAS No.:



ROKAnol NL6W / 95 belongs to non-ionic surfactants from the group of ethoxylated fatty alcohols (INCI name: C9-11 Pareth-6). The product belongs to the ROKAnol NL series based on C9-C11 synthetic alcohol. High surface activity allows them to be used mainly in detergents and cleaning agents.

ROKAnol NL6W/95 contains about 95% of the active substance. Takes a clear or opalescent form of liquid, solidifying at about 0°C. At room temperature, it is clear and has a bright colour, i.e. up to 70 Hazen-scale. The product has a higher hydrophilicity compared to ROKAnols NL3, NL4 and NL5. It has a cloud point in the temperature range 50 ÷ 57°C (in aqueous solution), it dissolves well in water.

The product is active in cold water, acid and neutral baths, as well as diluted alkalis. It can be successfully used in the environment of oxidizing, reducing agents and in the presence of hard water. For this reason, ROKAnol NL6W/95 is ideally suited as a component of weak alkaline or acidic detergents, including those for professional use. Examples of such formulations are: universal cleaning liquids, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, floor cleaning agents, degreasing agents for gastronomy, formulations for degreasing metal parts.

ROKAnol NL6W / 95 in cleaning formulations is usually used in the presence of a hydrotrope or solvent (e.g., BDG), which improves its stability in the formulation. Such compositions may contain anionic surfactants, e.g. ABSNa. ROKAnol NL6W / 95 is also used in car chemistry as a component with a degreasing effect in car shampoos.

ROKAnol NL6W / 95 is characterized by high wetting properties, thanks to which a high efficiency of the cotton bleaching process is achieved. The product improves the absorption (capillarity) of the dye into the structure of the textile material during further processing of textiles. It demonstrates the ability to emulsify mineral oil, which is why it is used in products for removing stains from machine oil during pre-treatment of fabrics / knitwear. In addition, the product meets the safety standards for textiles set by leading global textile institutes, such as the Oeko-Tex Standard Association and the ZDHC Program.

ROKAnol NL6W / 95 is a very good emulsifier of polyethylene waxes. In this application it acts as a stabilizer for the emerging microemulsion. The polyethylene emulsions are used, inter alia, in the paint and varnish industry.

ROKAnol NL6W / 95 is completely biodegradable and meets the criteria of the detergents directive.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • very good emulsifier and dispersant,
  • good wetting agent,
  • low product solidification temperature,
  • ease of handling the product at low temperatures,
  • very high detergent properties,
  • hydrophilic properties,
  • stable in the presence of oxidizing agents, reducing agents and in hard water,
  • compatible with non-ionic, anionic and cationic components of the formulation,
  • resistant in acidic and diluted alkali environments,
  • improves capillarity of the dye in the bleaching process of cotton
  • removes oil stains from hard surfaces as well as from fabrics/knitwear,
  • easily biodegradable.
  • Application:
  • cleaning hard surfaces,
  • liquid detergents and softeners,
  • hard surface cleaning products,
  • kitchen and bathroom cleaning,
  • institutional cleaning products,
  • compositions for bleaching cotton,
  • agents for removing oil stains resulting from weaving processes.

Alternative names:

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(C9-C11) Alkyl alcohol, ethoxylate; Polyethylene glycol, nonyl, decyl, undecyl ether; (Hide)


wetting agent cleansing agent alkoxylated alcohol I&I cleaning cleaning detergent textile non-ionic surfactants non-ionic
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