Chemical name:

Alcohols, C12-C14, ethoxylated >2.5 EO, sulfated, sodium salts


specialty products, specialty additives, surfactants, anionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

building & construction, concrete & mortar additives, plasterboards & gypsum additives, detergents, I&I cleaning, metallurgical industry, metalworking, personal care


base surfactants, cleansing agents, foaming agents


alkyl ether sulfates



CAS No.:



Sodium C12-C14 Laureth Sulfate


SULFOROKAnol L327/1 is an anionic surfactant from the group of alkyloterosulphates, based on natural alcohol (INCI name: Sodium Laureth Sulphate). The product has the consistency of a low-viscosity, clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid. The commercial product contains 27-29% of the active substance. The anionic character of the product influences the synergistic effect with non-ionic, amphoteric and anionic surfactants in final formulations.

SULFOROKAnol L327/1 is characterized by a very low critical micellization concentration (cmc), therefore even a small concentration in the formulation ensures its effective action. The product has good washing, emulsifying and foaming properties, generating high and stable foams. These numerous advantages make the product perfect for Personal Care formulas and detergent formulas. The product is easily biodegradable and meets the Detergents and Cosmetics Directive.

The above-average foaming and wetting properties, as well as resistance to acidic and alkaline environments make SULFOROKAnol L327/1 an effective component of formulations for cleaning hard surfaces and car care products. It is also used in extinguishing agents.

SULFOROKAnol L327/1 is also used in the construction industry as a component of air-entraining admixtures for concrete and cement mortars. The use of the product in this application increases the resistance of concrete, while in the ready-to-use admixtures the product works in synergy with foam stabilizers, humectants or wetting agents. SULFOROKAnol L327/1 is used during the production process of so-called unstable foams for reducing the weight of gypsum-cardboard panels by introducing air into the gypsum mixture.

Thanks to its strong detergency properties, the product is used as a component of tanning formulations mainly for washing and degreasing leather. Emulsifying properties and effective reduction of surface tension enable the use of the product in emulsion polymerization processes, mainly for the production of aqueous polymer dispersions (e.g. acrylic or vinyl acetate), ensuring proper emulsification of monomers in the reaction mixture.

Surface-active properties of SULFOROKAnol L327/1 are also applied in formulations dedicated to metalworking.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  •  the form of the product ensures easy pumping, mixing and dosing,
  •  wide range of applications of SULFOROKAnol L327/1 in formulations for cleaning various surfaces,
  •  excellent emulsifying, wetting and foaming properties used in admixtures for concrete  and cement mortars,
  • works in synergy with foam stabilisers, humectants and wetting agents,
  • facilitates the process of manufacturing the so-called unstable foams for reducing the weight of gypsum-cardboard panels,
  • ability to form stable formulations in acidic and alkaline environments,
  • effective reduction of surface tension, used e.g. in emulsion polymerization.


  • shampoos and body wash liquids,
  • facial cleansing products,
  • construction industry,
  • industrial cleaning and washing,
  • metalworking.

Alternative names:

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Sodium Laureth Sulfate; sodium polyoxyethylene lauryl ether sulfate; SLES; Primary Alcohols C12-14 (even, numbered), ethoxylated, sulphated, sodium salts; Alcohols C12-14 ethoxylated sulfates sodium salts; Sodium dodecylpoly(oxyethylene)sulfate (Hide)


foaming agent cleansing agent alkyl ether sulfate emulsion polymerization building & construction I&I cleaning cleaning metalworking detergent shampoo washing fluid bubble bath personal care anionic surfactant anionic
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