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Chemical name
Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates
Certificate of Health Quality Certificate of Health Quality Passive construction Passive construction Energy-saving production technology Energy-saving production technology Greenline products Greenline products high efficiency high efficiency Innovation Innovation ISO 9001 ISO 9001 Lightweight polyurethane insulation Lightweight polyurethane insulation Low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds Low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds New New Acustic insulation Acustic insulation Safe product Safe product Thermal insulation Thermal insulation
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The Crossin® Attic Soft Foam system is used for the production of semi-rigid foam, which at the same time is a sprayed thermal and acoustic insulation applied directly on the insulated surface of the roof, attic, ceiling, walls, among others in wooden, masonry, steel and skeletal structures of residential, industrial and public buildings, regardless of the building material used.

Crossin® Attic Soft Foam is a two-component spray polyurethane system used for the production of open-cell semi-rigid foam with self-extinguishing properties. The system consists of the polyol part (component A) and the isocyanate part (component B). Each of the ingredients is a viscous liquid and has different parameters. Component A with a higher viscosity is dark, while component B with higher density is brown. Both components are free of solid suspension. In addition, the system is distinguished by the lack of volatile organic compounds (VOC), as it does not contain foaming agents that significantly deplete the ozone layer - in accordance with European Union regulations, Regulation (EC) No. 1005/2009 of 16.IX.2009.

The service using Crossin® systems is offered only through Authorized Contractors, and the products themselves are not offered for sale to other entities. To take advantage of the free consultation and insulation quote, leave your details via the contact form. Our specialists will propose a convenient date of visit and conversation.

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Properties and applications
  • production of high quality semi-rigid polyurethane foam with low density;
  • production of PUR foam with an open- cell structure;
  • production of thermal and acoustic insulation using modern and practical spraying technology;
  • production of insulating material with stable parameters and excellent adhesion to various building surfaces;
  • efficient insulation of roofs, attics, ceilings, walls, among others in wooden, masonry, steel and skeletal structures without any excess thickness;
  • insulation resistant to mould and fungi;

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Thermal & acoustic spray systems

Rigid foams / Spray foams


Consumer products and packaging / Spray insulations
Polyurethanes / Poliurethane systems

Alternative names
Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates, polyurethane, PU, PUR, spray insulation, polyurethane insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation
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