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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL CREAMY SOAP vanilla and jasmine petals

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ROKO PROFESSIONAL Vanilla and Jasmine CREAMY SOAP is a liquid cosmetic product for washing hands, body and hair. Thanks to the innovatively developed recipe and specially selected ingredients, a universal product has been created with several applications. The product owes its high effectiveness to specially selected ingredients, among which are high-quality surfactants and natural nurturing additives derived only from proven and qualified sources.

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Properties and applications


  • dense consistency and high performance of the product,
  • high quality and favourable price,
  • ability to create dense, exclusive foam with a pleasant, long-lasting aroma of vanilla and jasmine,
  • high content of nurturing ingredients,
  • mild washing and delicate nurturing of palm skin, body and hair,
  • regenerating, firming and smoothing the skin,
  • moisturising and oiling due to glycerine content,
  • protection of the natural skin barrier – neutral pH,
  • safety for users,
  • high production standards (GMP, BRC),
  • micro-biological and dermatological tests and examinations,
  • available in other fragrance compositions,
  • it has the NIH approval.


  • palm, body and hair washing and nurturing,
  • possibility of daily use by users under household conditions,
  • professional applications in the industrial and service sectors as well as in institutions of public use (hotels, hospitals, institutions, schools, swimming pools and many others).

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