Chemical name: Alcohols, C12-14, ethoxylated
Segment: specialty products, specialty additives, surfactants, non-ionic surfactants
Markets and applications: agrochemicals, crop protection & fertilizers, building & construction, concrete & mortar additives, plasterboards & gypsum additives, detergents, I&I cleaning, lubricants and functional fluids, hydraulic fluids, metallurgical industry, metalworking, mining & drilling, oil&gas extraction, oilfield, paints & coatings, personal care, textile industry
Function: emulsifiers
Composition: alkoxylated alcohols
Manufacturer: PCC Exol SA
CAS No.: 68439-50-9
ROKAnol L10 is effectively used as a wetting agent, it is a non-ionic ingredient of emulsifiers, dispersant for cosmetics, creams and dairy cosmetic liquids, and as raw material for producing washing and cleaning agents. The aqueous solutions of ROKAnol L10 are resistant to acids, hard water and partly to alkalies. The product is well blendable with with non-ionic, cationic and anionic agents both in water-free environments and in aqueous solutions.
Tags: emulsifier alkoxylated alcohol I&I cleaning cleaning detergent personal care textile non-ionic surfactants non-ionic
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