Chemical name:

Reactive polyoxyalkylated polyether polyol based on propylene glycol


polyurethanes, polyether polyols

Markets and applications:

adhesives, CASE, adhesives, coatings, elastomers, sealants


CASE, adhesives, coatings, elastomers, sealants, semi-rigid foams


alkoxylated alcohols, polyether polyols, diols


PCC Rokita SA Polyols Business Unit

CAS No.:



Rokopol D320 is a specialized reactive diol, used for the production of 1K and 2K adhesives, sealants and elastomers, as well as other polyurethane materials in reaction with isocyanate. The product is a colourless to yellow liquid and is free from mechanical impurities. It retains dynamic viscosity in the range of 550-800 mPas at 25 ° C with high functionality f ~ 2 and hydroxyl value 31-37 mg KOH / g.

Rokopol DE320 is a product characterized by low water content and low content of sodium and potassium ions, which has a positive effect on the stability of prepolymers produced with its use. The product is not acidified, which extends its application range. The high molecular weight (450g / mol) provides freedom in the design of solid polyurethane systems with different hardness, from elastic (Shore A) to hard materials (Shore D). The product is widely used in the construction industry as an element of binders, sealants, elastomers and CASE foams.

Main application advantages of Rokopol DE320:

  • a wide range of applications,
  • low content of water and sodium and potassium ions,
  • high stability of prepolymers produced using the product,
  • the possibility of using polyol as a viscosity reducing additive,
  •  ensures good flow of elastomer systems and rigid foam,
  • thanks to the product, excellent physical and chemical properties of the final product can be achieved.

The most common applications of Rokopol DE320:


  • product used as a prepolymer for adhesives and modified MDI,
  • production of adhesives, elastomers and two-component sealants of different hardness and high hydrolytic resistance,
  • used for the production of CASE foams.

Products based on Rokopol DE320 are characterized by exceptional quality. Thanks to the refined production process, this polyol has excellent parameters and a wide range of applications.

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Properties and applications:

  • product used for the manufacture of adhesives, elastomers and modified MDI;
  • very high quality of the final product due to the physicochemical properties of the polyol;
  • limited content of water and sodium and potassium ions;
  • used for the production of CASE foams;
  • has excellent mechanical and physicochemical parameters;


Alternative names:

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Polypropoxylated polyethoxylated propyleneglycol; Propane-1,2-diol, ethoxylated, propoxylated; (Hide)


polyether polyol rigid foam construction OCF one-component foam CASE adhesives elastomers coatings sealants
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