Chemical name: Phenol isopropylated phosphate
Segment: specialty products, specialty additives
Markets and applications: building & construction, other applications, furniture, upholstered furniture, plastics, polymer additives, transportation, other applications
Function: plasticizers
Composition: phosphate
Manufacturer: PCC Rokita SA Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit
CAS No.: 68937-41-7
The Roflex series - triaryl phosphate esters - has an outstanding flame retarding profile with an excellent plasticizing performance. Due to great compatibility they can be used with a non-flame retarding plasticizers, leading to a better economics. Roflex products are recommended in PVC formulations, as well as flame retardants in a synthetic rubber industry and in technical paints. They are also used as processing aid in the engineering resins.
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IPPP; phenol isopropylated phosphate; isopropyl phenol phosphate ester; isopropylated phenyl phosphate; isopropylphenyl phenyl phosphate; TPP propylated; synthetic triaryl phosphates based on isopropylated phenol; phosphate ester; aryl phosphate ester; triaryl phosphate ester; tertiary phosphate esters; triphenyl phosphate ester; neutral phosphate ester; synthetic phosphate ester; organophosphate ester; organophosphorus compound; phosphorous chemicals; esters of phosphoric acid; organic salts of orthophosphoric acid; (Hide)
Tags: plasticizer phosphoric plasticizer non-phthalate plasticizer phosphoric acid esters phosphates flame retarding plasticizer plasticizer with flame retarding functionality plasticization plasticized elastic softened softening softener softening agent elasticity improvement unit elongation tensile strength modifier processing modifier processing modifier mechanical properties modification process aid processing gelation flame retardant phosphoric flame retardant plasticizing flame retardant flame retardation PVC polyvinyl chloride poly(vinyl chloride) soft pastes plasticizers plastisoles dry blends dry mixtures powders granules masterbatches caoutchouc latex rubber phosphorus derivatives plastic additives plastics aid
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