Chemical name:

PEG/PPG Copolymer


specialty products, specialty additives, surfactants, non-ionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

food industry, additives for food packaging, fuel industry, I&I cleaning, pulp & paper


antifoaming agents, demulsifiers, dispersants, emulsifiers, low foaming agents


EO/PO block copolymers



CAS No.:



ROKAmer 2600 belongs to the group of nonionic block copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide (ROKAmers). The product is a high molecular weight polymer with a specific, bifunctional structure, which means it has two hydrophilic groups. This feature distinguishes the ROKAmers group from other nonionic surfactants and determines their properties. ROKAmer 2600 is among those products with anti-foaming properties and is mainly dedicated to industrial processes.

The product has a clear or slightly turbid form with a low freezing point (below -20°C) and an active substance content of about 100%. The product 2600 is a product with a fairly high hydrophobicity, but it is characterized by good solubility in cold water. At temperatures above 16°C, its aqueous solutions become turbid and the product itself becomes anti-foaming.

The product is mainly used as a defoaming ingredient in professional cleaning agents that reduces the foaming properties of other surfactants present in the formulation. ROKAmer 2600 is a reactive surfactant and it is possible to further modify it, e.g., with fatty acids. Its derivatives are anti-foaming ingredients for the paper industry, food industry (e.g. sugar production), and also for numerous processes where the problem of foaming sewage and water occurs technology. Thanks to its properties, the product reduces the surface tension between the liquid and the air, and at the same time improves the "drainage" of the foam, resulting in its reduction.

ROKAmer 2600 does not contain silicone, is not classified as a dangerous substance and is susceptible to aerobic biodegradation. The product complies with the regulations permitting the product for indirect contact with food. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) permits the use of this product and its derivatives as an antifoaming agent under the conditions described in the following FDA sections:

  • 173340
  • 175.105
  • 176170
  • 176210
  • 177.1680
  • 177.1200
  • 178.1010
  • 178.3400
  • 178.3570
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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • anti-foaming properties,
  • solubility of the product in cold water,
  • low freezing point,
  • product not classified as dangerous,
  • intended to indirect contact with food,
  • reactivity of the product – the possibility of modification with other substances.


  • paper industry,
  • food industry,
  • processing of process waters,
  • cleaning and industrial washing.

Alternative names:

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EO-PO Block Copolymer (Hide)


emulsifier dispersing agent dispersant low foaming agent EO/PO block copolymer block copolymer I&I cleaning cleaning pulp & paper non-ionic surfactants non-ionic FDA indirect food contact additive
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