Rokopol® G441

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PCC Rokita SA / Polyols Business Unit
Chemical name
Glycerine based polyoxyalkylenetriol.
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Rokopol®G441 glycerine-based polyether polyol (polyoxyalkylene triol) which exists in the form of homogeneous, clear liquid. It contains antioxidants (excluding BHT). It has low content of sodium and potassium ions. It has hydroxyl value within the range of 330-360 mgKOH/g, and its dynamic viscosity is 250-310 mPas at temp. 25°C.

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Properties and applications
  • possibility to manufacture one-component (OCF) foams of density within the range 10-30 kg/m3 and hardness within the range 10-45kPa,
  • low content of sodium and potassium ions extends the time of storage of one-component foams (OCF), 
  •  used mainly in the construction industry for production of polyurethane adhesives and sealants, winter installations one-component foams (OCF) and all-weather installations one-component foams for windows, doors, culverts, rings, insulation of cables and wires and also for rigid foams PUR.

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / OCF (One Component Foam), Pipe-in-pipe insulation, Wire & cable insulation
CASE / Adhesives, Coatings, Elastomers, Sealants
Raw materials and intermediates

CASE / Adhesives, Coatings, Elastomers, Sealants
Rigid foams / Block foams, OCF (One Component Foams)

Alkoxylated alcohols
Polyether polyols / Triols

Polyurethanes / Polyether polyols

Alternative names
Glycerine based polyoxyalkylenetriol., Glycerine-based polyoxyalkylene triol, propoxylated and etoxylated glycerol, propoxylated and etoxylated glycerine.
Manufacturer: PCC Rokita SA

PCC Rokita SA is one of the largest chemical companies in Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Its activity includes the production of chloroalkali, polyether polyols, polyalkylene glycols and phosphorus derivatives.

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