Chemical name: N,N-bis-(2-hydroxyethyl) aminomethane phosphonic acid diethyl ester
Segment: polyurethanes, flame retardants, specialty products, specialty additives
Markets and applications: adhesives, building & construction, other applications, CASE, adhesives, coatings, sealants, plastics, polymer additives, refrigeration industry and household appliances, industrial coolers, refrigerators, transportation, other applications
Function: flame retardants
Composition: phosphonate
Description: Roflam series - phosporus based flame retardants (FR), due to an unique flame retarding profile are considered as one of the most efficient FR group. Phosphorus based FR, both chlorinated and non-halogenated are considered as an ideal choice; giving a perfect balance of process ability, flame retardancy and physical properties. Roflam products are recommended as fire safety solutions for building and construction apllications, furniture and textile industry as well as for various applications in transport sector.
Manufacturer: PCC Rokita SA Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit
CAS No.: 2781-11-5
Tags: flame retardant, fire retardant, combustion modifier, reactive, nonhalogen, halogen-free, phosphorus flame retardant, phosphorus derivatives, polyurethane, PU, coatings, polymer additive
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