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specialty products, formulations

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I&I cleaning


cleansing agents, wetting agents






EXOdet PP1 is a specialized, highly concentrated preparation for institutional washing. It is a mixture of non-ionic surfactants and solvents. The product does not contain phosphates. The composition is produced in the form of a clear or opalescent liquid of a slightly alkaline nature.

The product shows a high efficiency of dissolving and removing difficult stains from fabrics. In addition, this product has wetting properties. It is a low-foaming agent, therefore it can be used in all types of washing machines. The synergism of action in institutional laundering can be obtained by the addition of an alkaline agent, e.g. NaOH.

EXOdet PP1 meets the requirements of household chemistry (category 2) and is safe for humans in terms of microbiological purity. What’s more, the product has been tested using an open application test, which has confirmed that EXOdet PP1 does not show irritating and sensitizing properties at the use concentration.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

• a highly concentrated product (96% active substance),

• does not contain phosphates,

• high efficiency of dissolving and removing difficult stains,

• low-foaming agent,

• can be used in all types of washing machines,

• a microbiologically clean product,

• safe for the skin, which has been confirmed by contact tests (open application skin test).


• institutional and industrial laundry,

• hotel, restaurant and hospital laundries.


cleansing agent I&I cleaning cleaning
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