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specialty products, formulations

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agrochemicals, crop protection & fertilizers


wetting agents






EXOwet R3 is a mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants with wetting properties designed for use in pesticide preparations. EXOwet R3 is a colourless to pale yellow liquid with potential opalescence and sediment. The solidification temperature of the mixture is approx. 0°C, which makes it easy to use in agrochemical preparations. Additionally, the product does not cause any difficulties during transport and storage. This property allows for full use of the product's application capabilities. The product is highly water-soluble and safe for the aquatic environment, which is particularly important for agrochemical applications. 

EXOwet R3 reduces the surface tension of the herbicide liquid, which increases its effectiveness and accelerates the action of the herbicide. The product also increases the moisture content of the surface of the sprayed leaves and facilitates the penetration of the agent into the plant, i.e. improves penetration. The characteristic feature of the product is that it reduces the wash-away of the product during rainfall and the strong dew. Additionally, EXOwet R3 shows reduced foaming capacity.

EXOwet R3 in the form of a liquid, easy-to-use mixture is a professional preparation improving the quality of plant protection products.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  •  reduces the surface tension of the crop protection agent,
  •  increases the effectiveness and speeds up the action of plant protection products,
  •  higher moistening of the leaf surface which facilitates penetration,
  •  reduces the wash-away of the plant protection products during rainfall and the strong dew,
  •  low foaming abilities,
  •  safe for the natural environment,


  •  plant protection products.

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wetting agent agrochemicals crop protection
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