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Mixture of surfactants


specialty products, formulations

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textile industry








Roksol SR22 is an agent used as an equalizer for dyeing raw materials and wool and polyamide products. It is produced in the form of an oily liquid of light brown to dark brown colour. This product shows delamination tendency (the upper layer is more clear and the bottom one is cloudy, changing into a paste), however, this phenomenon does not affect the properties of this product. The product dissolves well in warm water.

Roksol SR22 is used in textile industry as an auxiliary agent with levelling properties for dyeing raw materials and wool and polyamide products, i.e. yarn, worsted in rolls, cross-wound yarns, fabrics and knitted fabrics and hosiery, using weak acid dyes with low level of equalisation, 1:2  metal complex dyes and dyes with high affinity under neutral or weakly acidic conditions.

Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, Roksol SR22 has properties that affect the dyeing process and its result in a synergistic way. The product exhibits wetting properties, facilitating the penetration of the dyeing bath into the raw material. Roksol SR22 provides a uniform dyeing of the tip and root of the wool hair, and uniform dyeing of the fibres damaged by atmospheric effects.

Roksol SR22 thanks to its dispersing properties ensures effective dispersion of the dye in the dye bath. This prevents the formation of agglomerates and errors in dyeing. In addition, the quality of the colours is affected by the low foaming capacity of Roksol SR22 and the lack of stable foam. Furthermore, the product does not change the shades of dyeing, nor does it reduce the resistance to factors associated with the use of dyed textile products. Roksol SR22 can be used as a dye dispersing agent before the dye dissolution. Excellent results are obtained by using Roksol SR22 in a bath for repairing unsuccessful dyeing process and unsuccessful uptake of the dye onto the fibre during post-treatment to improve the resistance to dry and wet friction.

When dyeing wool or polyamide using Roksol SR22 as an equalizer there is no need for the addition of dyes for other dispersing or wetting agents to the dyeing bath. However, it is necessary to determine the appropriate pH, except for dyeing woollen fabrics immediately after carbonization, skipping the rinsing process.

The amounts of Roksol SR22 applied to the bath depend on the type of material, the intended colour and composition of the dyes used. When dyeing with light colours, a bit more Roksol SR22 should be added to the bath than for dark colours. By analogy, a process in which several dyes of varying uptake speed per fibre are used, requires the use of larger amounts of Roksol SR22. Similarly, dyeing woollen fabrics immediately after carbonation (without rinsing) in a low pH bath requires the addition of more Roksol SR22.

The following steps ensure good dyeing results:

1. Dissolve Roksol SR22 and the remaining components of the dye bath provided for the given batch (except for the dye) and determine the appropriate pH of the bath.

2. Introduce the raw material to be dyed and process it for 15 minutes at 40-45 ° C.

3. Add dye.

4. Check and if necessary adjust pH.

5. Bring to boiling for 30-50 min (slower increase in temperature has a better effect on the uniformity of the colour).

6. The length of the dyeing process depends on the dyed raw material and dyes used – from 30 to 70 min.

  7. Then the bath must be slowly cooled (about 1 ° C / min), unloaded, and the dyed material should be rinsed with hot and cold water.

8. Wash if necessary.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

• carefully selected ingredients of Roksol SR22 provide it with various properties that synergistically influence the dyeing process and its result,

• has wetting properties, facilitating the penetration of the dyeing bath deep into the dyed raw material and even dyeing of the fibres in places damaged by atmospheric effects,

• thanks to the dispersing properties, it ensures adequate dispersion of the dye in the dyebath,

• dissolves well in warm water

• does not change the shades of dyeing and does not reduce the resistance of dyes to factors related to the use of dyed textile products,


• textile industry.


dying textile equalizator
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