Sports and recreation

Sport and leisure have been always associated with physical activity and healthy lifestyle. The aim of active leisure is to help maintain physical shape and good health, as well as take a break from work and restore energy. A safe practice of sport and an active rest, in most cases, require adequate equipment and infrastructure, such as innovative sports surfaces, tennis courts, athletic tracks and multifunctional sports fields including handball, basketball and volleyball courts. Sports equipment ensuring safety and comfort during practices and leisure time activities requiring physical activity is also important.

Production of sports surfaces, construction of playgrounds and manufacture of gym flooring, exercise, fitness or vibro-insulation mats, requires innovative solutions in the scope of bonding technologies based on e.g. combining rubber granulate with polyurethane adhesives. Polyurethane foam as filling is a perfect material used for the manufacture of parts of sports and rehabilitation equipment.

Polyurethane adhesives

PCC Group, upon examining the latest market trends and requirements, offers a number of products and chemical formulations which fall within the framework of sport and leisure. The company’s portfolio in that regard includes, among other things, polyurethane adhesives used as binders to construct sport and leisure surfaces. Efficient bonding technologies, thanks to the products of PCC Group, allows for a modern and seamless sport surface, while preserving the highest level of safety and protection of joints, bones and other most vulnerable body parts of users. This is possible due to great resilience and elasticity of surface which can be obtained by combining rubber granulate, including SBR and EPDM rubber with polyurethane adhesive.

Polyurethane systems for foam production

Furthermore, PCC Group offers polyurethane systems to produce flexible and integral foams, as well as elements such seats, bike saddles and various kinds of foam filling. Using polyurethane in sport and leisure is not limited to already mentioned applications. Polyurethane is also an excellent material to produce boxing gloves, handlebar tapes and even clothing for amateurs of many sport disciplines.

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