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Extraction and production of oil and gas

Crude oil, also known as black gold, is one of the most desirable natural resources. A wide range of products is created from it, starting from gas, petrol, kerosene, diesel oil and ending up on asphalt. The process of extracting oil is extremely expensive and time-consuming. It requires a number of measurements, tests, sampling and finally boring wells to confirm the presence of the raw material. Of course, there are a number of difficulties, such as porosity of the rock or the viscosity of the substrate itself. In the past, only 10% of the raw material was mined from the discovered deposit, leaving the rest underground. Thanks to modern mining technologies, the degree of recovery of crude oil and natural gas has increased to over 60%.

Selected products
Chemal OA-23/70 (CAS No.: 9004-98-2)
Chemal ethoxylated alcohols find applicability as emulsifiers, lubricants, detergents...
Alkoxylated alcohols
Chemax CO-5 (CAS No.: 61791-12-6)
Chemax CO-5  is commonly used an emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers in lubricants...
Alkoxylated fatty acids
Chemax DOSS/70PG (CAS No.: 577-11-7)
Chemax DOSS/70PG is a high quality dioctyl sulfosuccinate used as a wetting agents...
EXOdemul O70
Demulsifying mixture EXOdemul O70 intended for the professional applications. It...
Hydrochloric acid min. 33%, synthetic (CAS No.: 7647-01-0 )
Hydrochloric acid synthetic is a chemical compound which is an aqueous solution...
Non-organic acids
Monochloroacetic acid 100% technical, flakes (CAS No.: 79-11-8)
Chloroacetic acid 100% (100% MCAA technical, flakes) is a product, in which the DCAA...
Chlorine derivatives
Nonylphenol (CAS No.: 84852-15-3)
Nonylphenol is a colorless, viscous liquid with a characteristic phenolic odour....
Nonylphenol LV (CAS No.: 84852-15-3)
Nonylphenol LV is a colorless, viscous liquid with a characteristic odour. It is...
ROKAfenol N3 (Nonoxynol-3) (CAS No.: 127087-87-0)
Non-ionic surfactant used as an emulsifier. The EU regulations limit its application...
Alkoxylated nonylphenols
ROKAmer 2000 (CAS No.: 9003-11-6)
ROKAmer 2000 belongs to the group of non-ionic block copolymers of ethylene oxide...
EO/PO block copolymers
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