Active Play AS H 8006 (폴리우레탄 접착제)

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PCC PU Sp. z o.o.
[en -> ko] Prepolymer based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate
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Active Play AS H 8006 is the sixth in a row, one-component pre-polymer adhesive based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI). Alike previous versions of the adhesive, its technology is based on aromatic isocyanates. It is essential that although the adhesive is the product ready for use, it is not resistant to UV radiation. Therefore, it is suggested that surface layer produced made using the adhesive should be precisely secured, for instance by an additional layer of UV resistant product. Most often it is the sunlight that causes colour degradation, especially in the case of using brighter colours of granulate. It is worth stressing that the adhesive in this version has a wider application as regards the open time which amounts from 6 to 12 hours (time measured after using water mist from the atomiser). Alike previous versions, the adhesive can be used to produce elements from rubber granulates on the basis of both hot and cold formed SBR and EPDM.

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속성 및 응용

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  • Flexible rubber slabs
  • Surface slabs for playgrounds, fitness rooms, gyms (outdoor and indoor) etc.
  • Sport surfaces (e.g. for football pitches, tennis courts)
  • Rubber Surface for safe playgrounds for kids

시장 및 응용
스포츠 및 레크리에이션 / 놀이터 용 표면, 스포츠 표면
케이스 / 접착제

케이스 / 접착제


소비재 및 포장
폴리 우레탄 / Poliurethane 시스템

대체 이름
[en -> ko] Prepolymer based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate, [en -> ko] Polyurethane, Polyurethane systems, PU, PUR

제조사: PCC PU Sp. z o.o.

PCC PU Sp. z oo에는 폴리 에스터 폴리올과 프리폴리머의 생산 및 판매가 포함됩니다.

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