Five innovative ways to protect the environment introduced by global corporations

With climate crisis progressing we see increasing numbers of large companies introducing measures to reduce their impact on the environment. It is extremely important from the perspective of saving our planet, because it is the large companies and corporations that are responsible for a large part of the pollution. Below you can find five examples of actions taken by large companies aimed at achieving a positive impact on the environment.

Published: 19-11-2020
  1. Biodegradable bottles in 18 months
    Bacardi and Danimer Scientific, one of the leaders in the biodegradable materials industry, announced the use of new bottles made of Nodax PHA. The company seeks to replace the production of 80 million plastic bottles, thanks to which it can avoid wasting 3,000 tons of plastic per year.
    Nodax PHA is based on plant components and its total biodegradation takes 18 months (while conventional plastic often takes hundreds of years). What is important is that it does not leave any micro-plastic traces. The whole action is part of a larger Bacardi plan, which assumes that by 2023 the company will only be using biodegradable packaging. Initially, Rum will be bottled in the new packaging, but in the future other company brands such as Gray Goose, Martini and Bombay Sapphire will only be available in biodegradable packaging.
  2. Green factories and biodegradable cars
    Car manufacturing companies are among the most polluting. However, this is also where companies are trying to reduce their environmental impact. One of the most successful companies in this respect is undoubtedly Ford. The Focus and Escape models are 80% recyclable. The company tries to use ecological fabrics wherever it can. It also places great emphasis on the economy and efficiency of their cars, trying to reduce both the fuel consumption levels and the amount of exhaust gases generated, and their cleanness. In addition, paint fumes are recycled as fuel.
    Ford is also trying to implement new fuels in their cars. For example the Crown Victoria model, designed for government agencies and fleets, can be run on petrol as well as the much more ecological ethanol. In addition, Ford’s factories use geothermal energy to a large extent. The company also has the largest green roof in the world, and is the only company to win the Energy Star award twice in a row.
  3. Ecological heritage
    Dell announced its Legacy of Good plan in 2013. The goal was to use technology to improve people’s health, happiness and wealth. In 2020 Dell presented a new Legacy of Good plan, this time focusing on society, its employees and the environment.
    The company has already achieved its goal of using 25,000 tonnes of eco-friendly materials as a replacement for conventional materials. The company hopes to double that number in the future. Dell has also announced that it will increase the use of plastic extracted from the oceans tenfold by 2025. This means more than 7 tonnes less plastic in the waters of the world.
  4. Shoes and clothes to protect the oceans
    Dell is not the only company trying to reduce the amount of plastic drifting in the oceans. Adidas has taken a similar approach by establishing a partnership with Parley in 2015. The result is the Primeblue material, partially made of plastic from the ocean. Adidas’ goal is to recycle all polyester used in the production of shoes and clothes by 2024.
    In addition to eco-friendly products, Adidas also allocates funds to clean the oceans, organizes charity events (e.g. runs) and tries to promote the use of recycled materials by establishing cooperation with sports teams around the world.
  5. Economical and efficient giant
    We do not associate a giant like Apple with an eco-friendly company. However, the company founded by Steve Jobs pays great attention to reducing its impact on the environment. One of the company’s main goals is to lessen its impact on the climate, reduce the consumption of valuable raw materials and use materials that are safer for the environment.
    To achieve this, many of Apple’s stores and its server rooms and data centres are powered by green energy. The company also strives to make its production processes more efficient and its products more durable. They also pay great attention to studies related to the materials used in the production processes and their impact on the environment.



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