How monolithic domes are created – a few facts about modern construction

Published: 24-04-2018
Despite the fact that dome houses are not quite new in construction, they are still surprising and arouse curiosity. An example of the first monolithic dome is probably an igloo. Its durable construction owes itself to blocks of compressed snow, which alternately melts and freezes, creating a strong and homogeneous structure.
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Modern dispersing agents for waterborne paints and varnishes

Published: 5-04-2018
The greatest difficulty during the paint production process is thorough mixing of all its components. Modern paints contain a number of substances, such as adhesives, pigments, thinners and various modifying additives. To ensure accurate and even distribution of all ingredients, it is necessary to use appropriate dispersing agents.
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Sulfuric acid – corrosive blood of the industry

Published: 28-03-2018
The industry has been using a lot of sulfuric acid for a long period of time. Due to the variety of applications, it is a mass-produced substance. Despite the stricter environmental standards and legal regulations, the production of sulfuric acid is not diminishing.
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High quality fuels – protection and power for the engine

Published: 21-03-2018
Manufacturers tempt us with more expensive counterparts of fuels, at the same time ensuring about their better parameters or reduced combustion. In fact, most of them purchases fuel from Polish distributors, thus lowering the costs associated, for example, with its transport.
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Which chemicals should be used to effectively extinguish fires?

Published: 14-03-2018
Fire – a source of light and heat. It’s an origin on which the history of our entire civilization is based on. We have always approached the fire with great care from the oldest times, often without realizing the essence of its real threat.
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