Synthetic SLES as an alternative to oleochemical-based raw materials

Published: 24-10-2017
Alkyl ether sulfates constitute an important group of anionic surfactants, primarily used in cosmetic and detergent applications. These compounds exhibit very good emulsifying and foaming properties, which translates into their high washing efficiency. This makes them one of the main ingredients of shampoos and various body washes.
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From shampoo to glyphosate or where monochloroacetic acid is used

Published: 8-08-2017
Among the raw materials and chemical intermediates it is possible to distinguish compounds with a very specific and narrow range of applications. However, some of them have much broader application capabilities. That is why they are used in many different industries. Chloroacetic acid, which is worth looking at a little closer, belongs to the second...
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The quality of chemical raw materials is an important factor in pharmaceutical production

Published: 2-08-2017
The pharmaceutical industry stands out among other areas of the chemical industry with high growth dynamics as well as above average profitability. It is, at the same time, one of the most innovative industries, investing significant financial resources in research and development. The development of medicine, demographic changes associated with ageing and increased health consciousness...
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Polyurethane systems — competitive thermal insulation for the cooling and heating device market

Published: 26-07-2017
The cooling device market is characterised by dynamic development and continuous innovation. Moreover, the market is wide open to improvement, especially if it increases the efficacy and thermal insulation performance of a system. At the same time, the market is relatively dependent on climatic and economic changes.
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The world of soap — what do we really know about it?

Published: 12-07-2017
Regular and thorough hand washing is the simplest activity that we can do to protect ourselves against numerous diseases and infections. However, washing with water alone is not sufficient to ensure proper hygiene. It is only by adding soap that we can remove the majority of microbes and contaminants from the skin.
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