Effects of bacterial microflora on the quality of frozen plant products

Published: 2-08-2019
dezynfekcja w produkcji mrożonych warzyw i owoców
Freezing is one of the best known methods of storing vegetables and fruit. It allows to preserve their nutritional values, such as minerals and vitamins, while preventing spoilage of plants that occurs as a result of attack of mould, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
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The plastics sector uses processing modifiers

Published: 23-07-2019
polymer granules
Plastics are a material that is present in our environment every day. This is due to the many useful properties of plastic. The main advantages of this material are its lightness, ease of shaping and low price. However, in order to produce an object of the desired shape, the plastic must be processed.  
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How are colours created and why do we see them? Colour models and methods of their description

Published: 12-07-2019
cmyk rgb modele barw
The use of dyes to give colour to products is a common and obvious practice in industry. The colour palette is used by almost every manufacturing industry. The use of colours is intended to identify the product with the brand, increase product attractiveness, and evoke emotions or desirable customer behaviour.
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Raw materials for the production of natural cosmetics

Published: 4-07-2019
surowce INCI kosmetyki naturalne
Recently, the trend of going back to the roots, simple components and non-invasive procedures has been popular in the cosmetics industry. It is the reason for the sudden interest in raw materials obtained directly from nature and used to produce natural cosmetics.
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Polyester insulation boards

Published: 18-06-2019
poliole poliestrowe
Polyester polyols are a material that enables the manufacture of different products for the industry. These include rigid polyester foams, CASE plastics and flexible foams. Materials manufactured using polyester polyols have a number of advantages, which contributes to their growing popularity. Why should they be used? What are their properties?   What are polyester polyols?...
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