Colour measurement and its rating scales

Published: 16-10-2019
Colour rating by means of the human eye is a very subjective and imprecise measurement method. However, colour can be measured and described using mathematical formulas and numbers. Special devices called spectrophotometers are used to perform professional measurement of this parameter.
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Macrogols – pharmaceutical raw materials for wide variety of applications

Published: 6-09-2019
surowce farmaceutyczne - produkcja lekow - tabletki
The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are synergetic. Chemical raw materials manufactured for the production of medicines, pharmaceuticals, ointments, gels and other products differ considerably from other applications. They are distinguished by very high quality and meeting all requirements that were included in the European Pharmacopoeia.
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Emulsifiers used in the food industry

Published: 28-08-2019
When looking at the composition labels of the food products, the position called emulsifier is becoming more and more common. These additives appear under different names and symbols, which for many of us are a mystery. In this article, we’ll answer some important questions about these substances.
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Traceability in the supply chain

Published: 20-08-2019
olej palmowy - zrownowazona produkcja
Following the trends of the global chemical market, sustainable development is becoming an increasingly important part of the business strategies in companies operating in the surfactant industry.  Making good decisions that positively affect the chemical manufacturers and their environment is increasingly conditioned by non-financial factors.
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Effects of bacterial microflora on the quality of frozen plant products

Published: 2-08-2019
dezynfekcja w produkcji mrożonych warzyw i owoców
Freezing is one of the best known methods of storing vegetables and fruit. It allows to preserve their nutritional values, such as minerals and vitamins, while preventing spoilage of plants that occurs as a result of attack of mould, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
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