New products from the PCC Group for the pharmaceutical industry

Published: 17-06-2019
pharma products offer
The requirements for products manufactured by pharmaceutical concerns makes it necessary to use raw materials and additives of the highest quality and purity. These substances must meet many restrictions described in European Pharmacopoeia. They concern not only acceptable ranges of different parameters, but also test methods. The high quality of pharmaceutical products offered by the...
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Contract manufacturing in household chemistry

Published: 5-06-2019
produkcja kontraktowa chemii
Manufacturing private-label products without one’s own plant or personnel? Yes! It is possible thanks to contract manufacturing. What does such a contract involve? What can you expect from a contract manufacturer? Is such a project worth participating in? Before we answer these questions, we should first explain what contract manufacturing is.   Household chemistry –...
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Caustic soda in granules or flakes?

Published: 9-05-2019
Sodium hydroxide may occur in two forms. The first one is a solution, also known as sodium lye, while the second one is the solid form – flakes, prills or microprills of caustic soda. PCC Group produces sodium hydroxide in the form of sodium lye by using a modern membrane installation (read more about membrane...
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Membrane electrolysis vs. mercury technology

Published: 8-04-2019
The production of sodium hydroxide on an industrial scale can take place in several ways. Until the 1990s, the most popular production method was the mercury method, which has now been replaced by a more advantageous membrane method.
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Microbiological stabilisation of brines used in cheese production

Published: 3-04-2019
solanki stabilizacja dezynfekcja
Salting is a very important stage in the technological process of cheese production. It determines the sensory characteristics of the final product (taste, hardness), but also ensures its durability and protects against microorganisms. The salting process involves placing the cheese in a solution called brine.
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