Membrane electrolysis vs. mercury technology

Published: 8-04-2019
The production of sodium hydroxide on an industrial scale can take place in several ways. Until the 1990s, the most popular production method was the mercury method, which has now been replaced by a more advantageous membrane method.
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Microbiological stabilisation of brines used in cheese production

Published: 3-04-2019
solanki stabilizacja dezynfekcja
Salting is a very important stage in the technological process of cheese production. It determines the sensory characteristics of the final product (taste, hardness), but also ensures its durability and protects against microorganisms. The salting process involves placing the cheese in a solution called brine.
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10 most important events in the field of chemistry in 2018

Published: 24-01-2019
Are you curious what happened last year in the field of chemistry? Would you like to learn about the latest inventions and research that may soon revolutionize our world? We present a summary of the most important events in 2018. Take a look!  
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Dispersion paints – are they the best?

Published: 13-12-2018
Choosing the right paint is often a big problem. And it’s not just about colour, but also about the type of paint and its quality. In the maze of information, it is difficult to find the most valuable answers.
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Antistatic agents – additives for plastics that reduce the effects of static electricity

Published: 10-10-2018
Static electricity is a common physical phenomenon, often observed during everyday activities. This can be manifested, for example, by an electrical spark while touching various objects (e.g. a shopping cart, a handle, a car), or even a human, or while combing hair – when they stand up.
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