Graphic designations for PCC Group products

Classification of products by features and functions, environmental aspects, green technologies, health, culture and people’s lifestyles.

Product features and functions

Ultra Pure
Acustic insulation
Low treat rate
Long service life
Lightweight polyurethane insulation
High efficiency
Universal product
Pharmaceutical quality
High pure
Thermal insulation
Spray disinfection

Environmental aspects and green technology

Not tested on animals
SVHC free
PCC Greenline® Products
Eco product
Based on natural ingredients
Natural detergents
Not tested on animals

Products manufactured in the installations owned by the PCC Group are not tested on animals. Modern research methods allow experts to verify the properties of products and confirm their performance and quality without the need to conduct this type of testing. Currently, no company in the European Union tests cosmetics or raw materials on animals because it is not allowed. The PCC Group sells its products also outside the EU. In some countries, animal testing is not prohibited, and in other regions it is required. By marking its products with the pictogram “Not tested on animals”, the PCC Group communicates its approach to the use of animals for the purposes of research and testing of chemical substances.

100% biodegradable
Biodegradable product
Energy-efficient construction
Passive construction
Energy-saving production technology
Carbon Footprint
CO2 Low emissions
Low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds
Not classified according to CLP/GHS Regulation
Halogen free
Formaldehyde free
Low triphenyl phosphate
Solvent-free production
Paraben free
GMO free
Bio raw materials
Product of natural origin
Fibre optic technologies

Health, culture and lifestyle

Dermatologically tested