Graphic designations for PCC Group products

Classification of products by features and functions, environmental aspects, green technologies, health, culture and people’s lifestyles.

Product features and functions

Increase in foam flame retardancy
Spray disinfection
Thermal insulation
Increase in foam flame retardancy

One of the methods for reducing the flammability of plastics is to modify them by introducing special chemical additives called flame retardants. Their structure contains atoms of such elements as chlorine, bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen, boron or aluminium, which improve the material’s fire resistance. PCC Group offers a wide range of flame retardants, which can be used for such purposes as the flame retardation of polyurethane foams. They bear the pictogram “Increase in foam flame retardancy”.

High pure
Pharmaceutical quality
High hydrophobicity
Universal product
High efficiency
Lightweight polyurethane insulation
Long service life
Low treat rate
Acustic insulation
Ultra Pure


PCC Groups has been setting standards in effective planning of production processes and the use of high technologies for years. With our broad and diverse portfolio of PCC Greenline® products, we are also the leader in sustainable manufacturing.
PCC Greenline® Products
Eco product
Based on natural ingredients
Natural detergents
100% biodegradable
Biodegradable product
PCC Greenline® Products

In the face of challenges relating to sustainable production and consumption, one of PCC Group’s priorities in the field of extending its portfolio is to develop a range of products that match the green chemistry trend. In times when the industry is increasingly aware and responsible for the environment and climate change, a particular focus on ‘green’ and ecological production becomes more important than ever before. Taking part in the green transformation of global chemical industry, PCC Group offers a new product segment: PCC Greenline®.  These products address the demand of many companies operating in various industrial sectors, where PCC Group is one of the links in the supply chain.

Energy-efficient construction
Passive construction
Energy-saving production technology
Carbon Footprint
CO2 Low emissions
Low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds
Not classified according to CLP/GHS Regulation
Halogen free
Formaldehyde free
Low triphenyl phosphate
Solvent-free production
Paraben free
GMO free
Bio raw materials
Product of natural origin
Fibre optic technologies
SVHC free
Not tested on animals