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agrochemicals, crop protection & fertilizers








EXOemul OM3LSP is a mixture of surfactants with emulsifying properties and excellent solubility in vegetable and mineral oils. The mixture emulsifies products based on paraffin oil (SN100, SN150, SAE 10/95), naphthenic oil and rapeseed oil. EXOemul OM3LSP is a liquid with a tendency to opalesce and a yellow to dark yellow colour.

The solidification point of this mixture is about -12 ° C, which facilitates the use of this product in agrochemical preparations. In addition, the product does not cause difficulties during transport and storage, which ensures the full use of product application capabilities.

The use of EXOemul OM3LSP reduces the interfacial tension, which ensures the dispersal of the oil phase in the water phase. The product also improves the compatibility of other ingredients in the water phase. In addition, it facilitates dispersion of the oil phase after the addition of water. Thanks to its unique properties, the product causes electrostatic and steric stabilization, preventing coalescence or flocculation.

EXOemul OM3LSP is safe for the aquatic environment, easily biodegradable and, what is important – it does not contain nonylphenol. It is particularly well-suited for agrochemical applications as an emulsifier for the production of adjuvants (tank mix) based on mineral oils and their derivatives and in the metalworking industry as an emulsifier for the paraffin, naphthenic and vegetable base.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

• excellent solubility in vegetable and mineral oils,

• low pour point, which guarantees full use of the product’s application properties,

• enables the dispersion of the oil phase in the water phase,

• improves compatibility of other components in the water phase,

• facilitates dispersion of the oil phase after the addition of water,

• causes electrostatic and steric stabilization preventing coalescence or flocculation,

• safe for the water environment,

• easily biodegradable,

• does not contain nonylphenol.


•plant protection products,

• metal processing.


emulsifier agrochemicals crop protection
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