Does not contain nanomaterials

Nanomaterials are used in many areas of life. An example of their use on an industrial scale is the production of cosmetics. Nanomaterials are materials containing at least 50% of the particles with at least one dimension in the range 1–100 nm. This definition applies to various materials and raw materials, regardless of their origin (natural or synthetic).It is also applicable to particles occurring alone or combined into larger agglomerates. Nanomaterials (nanoparticles) do not behave like standard substances. Therefore, they require a careful safety assessment. Physical and chemical properties, and hence biokinetic and toxicological properties, depend on their size. Nanomaterials in cosmetics can be harmful when combined with biological substances and components at the molecular level. However, it is difficult to estimate the health hazards they can theoretically cause. However, the hazard risk makes the consumers to look for information on the nanomaterial content in products. Therefore, the PCC Group portfolio includes chemical substances marked with the pictogram “Does not contain nanomaterials”.

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