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PCC Group offers a wide range of chemical products for many industrial applications. Our Knowledge Base includes information about industries and sectors in which we operate.

Chemical Academy

We invite you to virtual world of chemistry which is open to you in the form of the PCC Group’s Chemical Academy! Here you will touch every particle by exploring topics that will help you complete your knowledge and broaden your scientific horizons!

Markets and applications

As a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, PCC Group offers products dedicated for more than 30 major industries and industrial applications. Our experts are constantly working on developing new solutions for every industry.


The PCC Group portfolio is divided into five main product segments. Each of them includes different products designed for specific applications.


In our activities, we focus on developing and supplying our customers with innovative chemical raw materials of the best parameters, ensuring maximum effectiveness in formulations and technical and technological processes.

Antiscalants effectively bind metal ions contained in water, thereby preventing their precipitation and deposition in the form of limescale. They are used as additives protecting industrial systems operating in closed water circuites.


Insulation is a method to protect adjacent systems in order to eliminate their interaction.



Products from the PCC Group portfolio classified by chemical structure. Check our offer!

Polyesters are compounds that contain repeating ester groups in the main chain.

FATTY ACID ESTERS - structure and production

Esters belong to the group of organic chemical compounds. They are formed as a result of acid condensation with alcohols or phenols.