In our activities, we focus on developing and supplying our customers with innovative chemical raw materials of the best parameters, ensuring maximum effectiveness in formulations and technical and technological processes.
Additives for ceramics

The term ceramics refers to inorganic and non-metallic materials and products made in very high-temperature heat treatment processes.

Additives for watertight concretes

Concrete is a composite formed through the mixing of primarily cement, aggregate and water.

Additives improving lubricating properties

The additives that improve the lubricating properties, otherwise known as lubricants, are chemical compounds used in tribochemical reactions. These processes are related to physical, chemical and other reactions based on friction phenomena.

Additives increasing the strength of concrete

Additives increasing the strength of concrete are used to improve the mechanical properties of concrete, such as resistance to compression, stretching, abrasion or swelling.

Additives reducing the water absorption of concrete

The additives that reduce the water absorption of concrete are used to improve the durability and strength of concrete by reducing its ability to absorb water.


EXTREME-pressure process additives are chemicals performing variety of functions, whose common feature is exceptional resistance to high pressures.