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Chlorine is a pure, amber liquid about 1.5 times heavier than water. Gas chlorine is greenish-yellow in colour. It is approximately 2.5 times heavier than air, which causes it initially to remain close to the ground in places with little air movement. Chlorine has a pungent odour and is a strong oxidizing agent.

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Properties and applications

Chlorine and its compounds have a very wide application:

  • for bleaching in the paper and textile industries,
  • for the disinfection of urban water resources, domestic bleaching and bactericides,
  • for the production of many organic and inorganic chemical substances,
  • separation of metals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, and gold from ores,
  • VMC and PVC production - the main quantitative component in the synthesis process (about 56%),
  • in chemical synthesis in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Alternative names
Chlorine, Cl2, dichlorine, liquid chlorine, liquid chlorine technical

Manufacturer: PCC Rokita SA

PCC Rokita SA is one of the largest chemical companies in Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Its activity includes the production of chloroalkali, polyether polyols, polyalkylene glycols and phosphorus derivatives.

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