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Hydrochloric acid technical grade CH, min.31%

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PCC Rokita SA / Chlorine Business Unit
Chemical name
Hydrochloric acid
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Purified hydrochloric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas. It is a strongly corrosive liquid with a sharp, irritating odour and colour from colourless to light yellow. This product is delivered to the market in the form of liquid with a concentration of min. 31%. Hydrochloric acid (technical grade) is a by-product in the chlorobenzene chlorination process.

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Properties and applications
  • in power engineering for the regeneration of ion exchangers
  • in industrial water treatment processes for pH regulation
  • production of agrochemicals
  • production of chemicals in animal husbandry
  • for the production of industrial chemistry
  • production of household chemistry
  • a component of descaling and disinfecting agents
  • in the mining industry
  • in galvanizing processes
  • in the production of lubricants and functional fluids
  • in the production of biofuels, oils and lubricants
  • degreasing of skins in tanning
  • in the cotton cleaning process (textile)
  • in the production of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, ferric chloride, epichlorohydrin

Markets and applications
Agrochemicals / Chemicals in animal husbandry
Fuel industry
I&I Cleaning
Lubricants and functional fluids / Industrial lubricants, Metalworking fluids
Metallurgical industry / Metal cleaning
Mining & Drilling / Metal mining
Power industry
Raw materials and intermediates
Tanning industry
Water & Wastewater treatment / Antiscalants, scale & corrosion inhibitors

Cleansing agents
Descaling agents
Metal working fluids
pH regulators
Raw materials & intermediates

Non-organic acids

Chloralkali, raw materials and intermediates

Alternative names
Hydrochloric acid, HCl technical grade, HCl, Aqueous hydrogen chloride, Chloride of hydrogen solution, Chloride, Hydrogen, Hydrochloride, Hydrogen Chloride
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