Hydrochloric acid 37% a.p.

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PCC Rokita SA / Chlorine Business Unit
Chemical name
Hydrochloric acid 37% a.p.
Hydrochloric acid 37% a.p.
Hydrochloric acid 37% a.p.
Hydrochloric acid 37% a.p.
Hydrochloric acid 37% a.p.
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Hydrochloric acid min 37% a.p., reagent, applies, among others in chemical methods of quantitative analysis, e.g. alkacymetry, manganometry, in neutralization reactions, in weight analysis. It is used as a component of royal water used for digestion, in qualitative analysis, e.g. for the detection of silver cations, as well as in many basic reconnaissance reactions in analytical chemistry, consisting in the precipitation of characteristic deposits, is a valuable solvent in chemical analysis. It is also used in geology for the analysis of elements, in the chemical analysis of waters and soils.


Markets and applications
Chemical reagents

pH regulators

Non-organic acids

Chloralkali, raw materials and intermediates

Alternative names
Hydrochloric acid, HCl, Hydrochloric acid for reagents, Chloride of hydrogen solution, Aqueous hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen chloride aqueous solution

Manufacturer: PCC Rokita SA

PCC Rokita SA is one of the largest chemical companies in Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Its activity includes the production of chloroalkali, polyether polyols, polyalkylene glycols and phosphorus derivatives.

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