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ROSULfan®C/PH – Sodium Coco Sulfate

ROSULfan®C/PH is an alkyl sulphate belonging to the group of anionic surfactants, with the INCI name: Sodium Coco Sulfate, SCS. The production process is based on natural raw materials. It is dedicated mainly for cosmetic applications.


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PCC Group

Operating in the international structures of the PCC Group, we can create and develop in many directions, and set trends in modern chemistry together.

The PCC Group is an international capital structure consisting of several dozen companies operating in three important branches of the economy. They include chemistry, energy and logistics. Organisations within the PCC Group are both business units, conducting production activities, and service companies, operating simultaneously to meet the needs of the external market. The PCC Group is centrally managed by the German company PCC SE, which comprises 74 entities operating in 39 locations across 17 countries.

One of the key elements of PCC SE’s strategy is the dynamic development of the chemical business division by utilising the potential of new market segments and diversifying the portfolio of raw materials and chemical formulations in accordance with the current trends in various industries. Every day, our specialists work on the stable growth and development of their organisations, building up the strength of the PCC Group and, as a result, establishing a solid business platform for all contractors interested in reliable and long-term cooperation.

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PCC Group manufactures finished products, consumer goods, and chemical raw materials offered under their own brand names. Among them, you will find modern systems of polyurethane insulation, products for fire-fighting industry, specialized additives and chemical formulations, household chemicals, cosmetics and packaging.
Consumer products Specialty products

The Crossin brand offers sprayed polyurethane insulation and insulation systems based on rigid polyurethane boards designed to insulate various types of buildings. Crossin manufactures high-quality and technologically advanced products for insulation of walls, floors, foundations, roofs or attics. The offer is addressed to individual clients, who want to insulate residential or office buildings, as well as to business customers, who intend to insulate commercial and industrial facilities.

The Flo brand offers household chemicals and cleaning agents. Flo products include glass cleaners, dishwashing balms, universal cleaning agents, products for dishwashers, toilet gels, and preparations for specialist cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. The offer also includes washing preparations, such as liquid fabric softeners, stain removers and gels for washing clothes. The diversity of product lines, fragrance compositions and high quality of Flo products was awarded ” Consumer’s Laurel 2018″.

CAMOLIN® are organic products produced on the basis of natural ingredients. They include body and hand washing cosmetics and hair shampoos. With a small dosage, they improve their condition and make the skin feel hydrated and nourished. The CAMOLIN® brand also includes natural detergents comprising a whole range of washing and cleaning products. These products effectively remove dirt and leave cleaned surfaces clean and shiny. The cleaning ingredients used in the production of CAMOLIN® liquids are very readily biodegradable.

ROKO Professional is a brand of high-quality, liquid professional chemicals and disinfectants. The wide range of products includes products for room hygiene (floor care), products for general use (washing surfaces of various materials, glass, washing and care of bathrooms, washing dishes), and for personal hygiene (hand and body soaps, hand disinfection). The ROKO Professional products are mainly intended for professional use.

Ekoprodur® is a brand of polyurethane systems used in insulation and thermal insulation of roofs, attics, walls, ceilings, floors and foundations of residential buildings, halls, warehouses and livestock buildings. Ekoprodur® products also include systems used in the production of boilers, heat exchangers, roller shutters and window profiles, covers, integral and HR foams. Ekoprodur® foams are also used in the very demanding shipbuilding industry.

EUROPIR® is a brand of modern polyurethane thermal insulation panels designed for insulating various structural members of buildings. The panels have no skin and are made of high-quality PIR foam. They stand out with excellent insulating, physical and mechanical performance. Our EUROPIR® thermal insulation has been tested by experts from Eurofins Institution for VOC emissions and was awarded the highest grade A+ in terms of its impact on indoor air quality. In addition, EUROPIR® panels have been positively reviewed by the National Institute of Public Health as thermal insulation to be used indoors.

#oli oli! is a brand that was created with teenagers in mind. Its main theme is “oli oli,” which in Hawaiian means “JOY.” The brand offers a line of vegan body and hair care products that are formulated with naturally derived ingredients. With minimal dosage, the #oli oli! products allow you to get a unique feeling of moisturised, nourished, and refreshed skin, as well as shining and refreshed hair. Effective products that are scented by nature and friendly to people and the environment.

The Flomie brand is a specially designed line of cosmetics for personal care and effective personal hygiene. It includes a range of high-quality products for both men and women. The Flomie brand includes, among others, shower gels, hair shampoos, and liquid soaps. Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients, the products have a positive effect on the appearance and condition of the skin.

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