Chemical formulations

Discover the multimedia world of PCC Group cosmetic formulations! Here you will find various suggestions of ready-made formulas for cosmetics and personal care products, as well as a wide range of our ingredients and additives.

Personal Care

PCC Group Formulation Zone

The market for cosmetic products, including personal care products, provides consumers with an extremely wide range of choice. The cosmetics market is growing rapidly. Manufacturers are implementing more innovative products tailored to users’ changing preferences. New trends in the cosmetics industry determine the direction of development of the products made possible by novel substances from raw materials suppliers.

The use of cosmetics is related not only to hygiene, body and hair care or makeup, but also to the lifestyles, cultural aspects, beliefs, and values that guide consumers today. Accordingly, both finished products and raw materials for their production must be effective, safe, modern, and adapted to the requirements of different social and cultural groups.

The answer to these challenges is our Formulation Zone—a virtual space that presents examples of applications of chemical raw materials and cosmetic additives produced at the installations of PCC GROUP companies.

Among the suggestions of ready-made recipes, you will find items based, among others, on raw materials from the PCC Greenline® series. We place great importance on developing our products toward sustainable solutions for the cosmetics industry.

We design and introduce high-quality surfactants and their mixtures that are based on naturally derived raw materials, show high biodegradability, are free of GMOs, allergens or nanomaterials, and can be used in vegan products.

Join us at the COSMETIC FORMULATION ZONE of the PCC Group!