Chemical formulations

Discover the multimedia world of PCC Group cosmetic formulations! Here you will find various suggestions of ready-made formulas for cosmetics and personal care products, as well as a wide range of our ingredients and additives.

PCC Group chemical formulations in numbers

According to the scientific nomenclature, a formulation is defined as a mixture of different chemical substances, the formula of which is designed to achieve specific properties of the finished product. This term is used to refer to a variety of semi-finished and finished cosmetic, pharmaceutical, construction, paint and many other products. Each formulation has a well-defined composition, a precise preparation process and a description of its characteristics and properties that determine its use.
Products used in formulations
Ready-made formulations
Industrial sectors

Chemical Formulations – Industries

Formulating new chemical mixtures in a highly competitive environment found in many industries is very challenging for R&D departments. The process of preparing a good and cost-effective formulation is usually a multi-stage process and requires time and considerable effort. It is important to find the right combination of ingredients necessary to develop a product with the desired quality, stability, efficiency, performance, cost and many other features. Today, all the means of support offered by chemical raw material manufacturers and dedicated to formulators in various industries are not without significance. Therefore, the PCC Group has prepared and published a free collection of chemical formulations called the ‘FORMULATION ZONE’. Here you can find ready-made suggestions for formulas based on high quality raw materials and chemical additives, which are manufactured at the facilities of the PCC Group production companies.

Formulations for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics market provides consumers with an extremely wide choice of products. Manufacturers are constantly expanding their portfolio by introducing new products to meet the changing preferences and tastes of users.

New trends in the cosmetics industry are also determining a transformation regarding raw materials for cosmetics and personal care products.

The use of cosmetics is not only related to skincare, make-up and hygiene, but also to consumers’ lifestyles and cultural aspects. Accordingly, both finished products and raw materials for their production must be effective, safe, and adapted to the requirements of different customer groups.


All the above factors and trends are taken into account in the PCC GROUP FORMULATION ZONE, which is a virtual space that presents examples of ready-made cosmetic formulas.


Among the many suggestions are formulas based on raw materials of natural origin, raw materials that are biodegradable, vegan and vegetarian, or GMO-free.


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