Chlor-alkali, raw materials and semi-finished chemical products

Because of their characteristics, chlor-alkali, raw materials and semi-finished chemical products are used practically in every industry.

The solutions applied in the industry require state-of-the-art, reliable and the most advanced technologies and high quality of chemical raw materials used both as components of semi-finished and finished products and reagents in many manufacturing processes.

Published: 15-03-2017

The PCC Group offers a wide range of specialist raw materials and semi-finished chemicals with composition and quality tailored to the needs of companies involved in both chemical synthesis and production of finished products. The scope of application for the substances offered by the PCC Group is unlimited, especially because they are often created on the basis of the customers’ unique requirements.

Main products

One of the strategic business divisions of the PCC Group is the production of chlorine and chlorine derivatives. Chlorine It is used, among others, in the production of plastics, pesticides, paints, solvents, textiles, pharmaceuticals and many others. Further products from the group of chlorine-based products produced in the PCC Group are sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and lye, used in the cosmetics, petrochemical, steel, metallurgy, textile and food processing industries. Both caustic soda and soda lye are perfect also in water treatment processes and in the production of surfactants and metal processing.

Other chlorine derivatives products

Sodium hypochlorite used in the production of pharmaceuticals and as a component of household chemicals, such as bleaches, degreasers or cleaners. Due to its strong biocidal effect, the product is ideal for swimming pool decontamination, disinfection of water intakes and water treatment.

Dichloropropane used as a solvent for rubbers and resins, waxes, lubricants, greases, tars and bitumens. It is also widely used in many industrial processes, such as impregnation, cleaning and degreasing of metal surfaces and in electroplating processes.

Monochlorobenzene, whose main use is in the agrochemical industry (plant protection products) and in the production of advanced plastics resistant to high temperatures. Monochlorobenzene is a substance that is ideal for silicone production. It is also a catalyst and an ingredient in many chemical syntheses. It is also used for the production of phenol and its derivatives, as well as pharmaceutical semi-finished products and fine chemicals.

Ortochlorobenzene is a strong liquid solvent created through chlorination of benzene. The product is widely used in many different industries. The main intended use of orthodichlorobenzene (ODBC) is the production of agrochemicals (pesticides). It is also used in chemical synthesis and in the production of pharmaceuticals and dyes.

Hydrochloric acid prepared at different concentrations (from 28% to 37%) with varying levels of purity, i.e.:

  • purified hydrochloric acid,
  • synthetic hydrochloric acid used for food processing,
  • pure hydrochloric acid having the highest quality.

High-quality, pure hydrochloric acid is used in highly demanding industries. It is used, among others, in the chemical synthesis of active drug ingredients, in food processing, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries. The product is also used for many other applications, such as adjusting the pH of the water, production of industrial chemicals, household chemicals, extraction of ores in the mining industry, production of bio-fuels, oils and lubricants, galvanizing processes and electroplating, tanning, textiles and construction.

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