Dodecylphenol Premium

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Dodecylphenol Premium
Dodecylphenol Premium
Dodecylphenol Premium
Dodecylphenol Premium
Dodecylphenol Premium
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Dodecylphenol Premium is a dense, viscous, light yellow liquid with a characteristic phenolic odour. It is a mixture of isomers containing mainly para-dodecylphenol. Dodecylphenol Premium is characterized by significantly reduced amount of light alkylphenols, including nonylphenol. Product has also improved colour compared to standard quality dodecylphenol.

Dodecylphenol Premium is difficult to dissolve in water and is very soluble in aliphatic alcohols, ketones, esters and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

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Properties and applications
  • used in the manufacture of additives for oils, lubricants and fuels;
  • used in the production of dodecylphenol propoxylates, which are synthetic components of fuel additives packages;
  • used as an intermediate for production of formaldehyde resins;
  • raw material for the production of surfactants;
  • used in the epoxy resin, paints and varnishes industry;
  • used as an intermediate in mining industry.
Alternative names
Dodecylphenol, DDP, paradodecylofenol, p-dodecylphenol, dodecilfenol, p-dodecyl phenol, PDP, PDDP, Tetrapropenyl phenol, Phenol tetrapropylene, Phenol 4-dodecyl branched, 4-dodecylphenol, alkyl phenol, alkyl phenols, alkyl phenol derivative

Manufacturer: PCC Synteza S.A.

PCC Synteza S.A. manufactures phenol based products. These are the products of heavy organic synthesis, intended for further processing in the chemical industry. These include the production of upgrading fuel additives.

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