Chemical name:

Sodium hypochlorite solution Cl active


chloralkali, raw materials and intermediates

Markets and applications:

detergents, food industry, I&I cleaning, personal care, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, raw materials and intermediates, tanning industry, textile industry, water & wastewater treatment, antiscalants, scale & corrosion inhibitors, wastewater treatment, water treatment


bleaching agents, cleansing agents, disinfectants and biocides, raw materials & intermediates


alkali, chlorine derivatives


PCC Rokita SA Chlorine Business Unit

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Sodium hypochlorite, also known as sodium chlorate (I) or sodium salt of hypochlorous acid, is an inorganic chemical compound that is obtained by saturating chlorine with an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide. This compound in a free state is very unstable, usually used in the form of an aqueous solution.

Sodium hypochlorite has a characteristic strong odour of chlorine and exhibits strong corrosive properties. The product comes on the market only in liquid form, has a straw color, slightly yellow. The product has bactericidal, antiseptic, oxidising, and corrosive properties.

The main advantage of the sodium hypochlorite produced by the PCC Group is the high content of active chlorine, guaranteed at the level of minimum 150 grams per litre. Due to its limited shelf life, it mainly reaches local consumers. Sodium hypochlorite should be kept far away from heat sources and protected from direct sunlight in plastic containers, rubber-coated steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

Sodium hypochlorite is used for the production of household chemicals as a disinfectant and antibacterial agent, as a fabric bleach, and as a preparation for the chemical dissolution of sanitary and technical sludge. In industry, it is used for bleaching wood and textile pulp, cleaning and disinfection of drinking water before entering the urban water distribution network, disinfecting water in swimming pools and ponds, cleaning domestic and industrial waste, as well as removing organic and inorganic pollutants. It is also used for disinfection of systems, pipelines and tanks in the dairy industry, in the production of wine and beer brewing. Sodium hypochlorite is also used in medicine for external and local use as an antiviral, antifungal, and bactericidal agent in the treatment of skin, mucous membranes and wounds. It can be used to sterilise some medical devices, and in dentistry as an antiseptic.

In industrial organic synthesis, sodium hypochlorite is used for the production of various compounds (hydrazine, anthranilic acid, chloropicrin) and for degassing in the hydrometallurgical process of the production of toxic liquid and gaseous wastes. In analytics it is used as a reagent for photometry research. Sodium hypochlorite is also used for the production of food starch modified in the food and pharmaceuticals industries.

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Properties and applications:

  • bactericidal, antiseptic, oxidising and corrosive properties;
  • production of household chemicals;
  • used as a bleaching agent in the textile and pulp and paper industries;
  • cleaning and disinfection of drinking water;
  • domestic and industrial waste treatment, removal of organic and inorganic pollutants;
  • disinfection of systems, pipelines, and tanks in the dairy industry;
  • in the food industry used in wine production and brewing;
  • fungicidal and germicidal treatment of grains;
  • disinfection of technical rooms;
  • in medicine and pharmacy as an antiviral, antifungal, and bactericidal agent;
  • raw material in industrial organic synthesis;
  • reagent for photometric tests;
  • production of modified food starch;

Alternative names:

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sodium hypochlorite sodium hypochlorite water solution sodium salt of hypochlorous acid
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