ROKAfenol N22/30 (Nonylphenol ethoxylated)

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ROKAfenol N22/30   (Nonylphenol ethoxylated)
ROKAfenol N22/30   (Nonylphenol ethoxylated)
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ROKAfenol N22/30 is a non-ionic surfactant which belongs to the group of ethoxylated nonylphenols (INCI name: Nonoxynol-22). It is used as a component of washing and cleaning products as well as an emulsifier and dispersant. The product is in the form of a colourless or slightly yellow liquid (the colour reaches maximum 100 HU). The commercial form of ROKAfenol N22/30 contains about 30% of the active substance. The product solidifies at about 5 ° C. The cloud point is in the temperature range 71-76 ° C for a 10% NaCl solution of brine in water. ROKAfenol N22/30 dissolves well in water without the need for heating up.   

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  •  excellent dispersant and emulsifier,
  •  strong detergency properties,
  •  resistance to temperature and high concentration of electrolytes,
  •  stability in acids and alkalis,
  •  universal non-ionic emulsifier in emulsion polymerization,
  •  improves the stability of polymer dispersion,
  •  increases the resistance to electrolytes and organic solvents of the polymer dispersion,
  •  ability to form mixtures with non-ionic, anionic and cationic agents.


  •  tanning,
  •  metalworking,
  •  pulp and paper industry,
  •  emulsion polymerization,
  •  industrial cleaning,
  •  bituminous emulsions.

Markets and applications
I&I Cleaning
Metallurgical industry / Metalworking
Plastics / Emulsion polymerization, Polymer additives
Pulp & Paper
Tanning industry
Textile industry

Cleansing agents
Softening agents
Tanning agents
Thermal & processing stabilizers
Washing agents
Wetting agents

Alkoxylated nonylphenols

Specialty Products / Specialty additives
Surfactants / Non-ionic surfactants

Alternative names
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated, NPE, nonoxynol-22, polyethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol nonylphenol ether, Poly(oxy-1, 2-ethanediyl), .alpha.-(4-nonylphenyl), branched, Poly(oxy-1, 2-ethanediyl), alpha-(4-nonylphenyl)-omega- hydroxy-, branched, Poly(oxy-1, 2-ethanediyl), . alpha.-(4-nonylphenyl), Polyethylene glycol, mono(p-nonylphenyl) ether, branched, Nonylphenol polyethylene glycol ether, Poly(oxy-1, 2-ethanediyl)-, alpha- (4-nonylphenyl)-omega-hydroxy-, branched, CAS 127087-87-0.

Manufacturer: PCC Exol SA

PCC EXOL SA is one of the most important manufacturers of surfactants and chemical formulations in Central and Eastern Europe. The company offers surfactants, specialist additives and chemical formulations for many branches of industry.

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