Plant extracts are popular ingredients of many products, especially cosmetics. They have unique properties, which is why they are so commonly used. The pressure to obtain even better results has led to genetically modify living organisms, including plants. Thanks to incorporating specific fragments of genetic material in plant cells, their properties are intensified and they may also have a longer shelf-life. Despite the fact that GMO products are constantly monitored by research facilities, the long-term effects of their use are not yet fully known and cannot be referred to as safe. Genetic modifications are also criticised by ecologists because they lead to imbalances in nature.

For PCC Group, it is very important to act in an environmentally friendly manner. We keep improving our formulas and using new technologies, while at the same time we opt for eco-friendly methods. This is why we can offer products marked as GMO FREE. Because of this, the customers of PCC Group can be sure that the products they buy do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

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