EUROPIR®DUAL thermal insulation board

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Chemical name
A mixture of polyisocyanurate and other chemical compounds in the form of rigid PIR foam
EUROPIR®DUAL thermal insulation board
EUROPIR®DUAL thermal insulation board
EUROPIR®DUAL thermal insulation board
EUROPIR®DUAL thermal insulation board
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Certified by National Institute of Public Health - National Instiute of HygineCertified by National Institute of Public Health - National Instiute of Hygine VOC A+ Indoor air emissionVOC A+ Indoor air emission
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EUROPIR® DUAL – a panel made of rigid PIR foam without cladding, intended for insulating façades finished with clinker tiles. A plate with dimensions of 900 x 578 mm and a thickness from 50 to 200 mm.

Specially designed guides on both sides of the panel enable easy installation of 3 different clinker tile types (RF/NF/WDF). The guides significantly facilitate the application of the finishing layer, substantially shortening the time of performing this type of work.

The EUROPIR® brand products are distinguished by a unique combination of extraordinary thermal insulation properties and high physical and mechanical parameters.The lack of cladding in EUROPIR® DUAL panels allows for easy treatment and adjustment of insulation directly on the construction site, while maintaining 100% of their thermal insulation properties.A special panel lock-connecting system significantly reduces the risk of thermal bridges.This is particularly important when insulating various critical locations, such as terraces, balconies, lintels, window sills, jambs; roof windows, skylights or dormers.

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • product with extraordinary insulation properties,
  • easy treatment, adjustment and installation of thermal insulation,
  • easy and fast assembly without the need for specialized equipment,
  • guides for mounting clinker tiles,
  • high resistance of PIR foam to biological and chemical factors,
  • A+ class of EUROPIR® insulation in terms of indoor air quality,
  • tested and certified product,
  • internal and external insulation.
  • excellent insulation for many years.


  • thermal insulation of walls with facade finished with clinker tiles,
  • thermal insulation of internal partitions,
  • thermal modernization,
  • thermal insulation of residential buildings,
  • passive buildings.
  • energy-saving construction.
Alternative names
Panel for wall insulation with guides for clinker tiles, PIR panel without lining, PIR panel for clinker, rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR), PIR thermal insulation panel, PIR thermal insulation.

Manufacturer: PCC Therm Sp. z o. o.

PCC Therm Sp. z o.o. is a prominent manufacturer of PIR thermal insulation panels without facings that operates on the Polish and European market. The company offers solutions dedicated to the insulation of floors and foundations, walls, ceilings, attics and flat roofs. These products feature exceptionally high insulation parameters and are used in thermal renovation and insulation of buildings or blocks of flats, as well as public utility facilities.

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