PolyU L 8000 (Polypropylene glycol)

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PolyU L 8000 (Polypropylene glycol)
PolyU L 8000 (Polypropylene glycol)
PolyU L 8000 (Polypropylene glycol)
PolyU L 8000 (Polypropylene glycol)
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PolyU L 8000 is a specialized high-molecular weight polyether polyol (PPG), produced by ring-opening polymerization using a double metal cyanide (DMC) catalyst. PolyU L 8000 can be used for production of silane-modified polymers.

PolyU L 8000 is a homogeneous, clear liquid. PolyU L 8000 has a dynamic viscosity at 25°C in the range of 2600–3600 mPas, a functionality of hydroxy groups close to f ~2 and a hydroxy value in the narrow range of 13-15 mg KOH/g. PolyU L 8000 shows a low degree of unsaturation, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, low metal ion content and contains BHT-free antioxidants.

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • exceptionally low degree of unsaturation, functionality of hydroxy groups close to f~ 2,
  • low metal ion content,
  • low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content.


  • polyurethane printing inks,
  • adhesives and sealants,
  • specialized foam adhesives.
Alternative names
Polypropylene glycol, Polyether polyol, Polypropylene oxide, linear polyoxypropylenediol, CAS: 25322-69-4.

Manufacturer: PolyU GmbH

As a 100% subsidiary of the group holding company PCC SE, PolyU GmbH is part of the international PCC Group. At the Oberhausen location in Germany, PolyU GmbH develops and sells innovative SMP systems for special applications. In close cooperation with customers, solutions are created for individual requirements in a wide range of application areas, industries and markets.

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