Chemical name:

Aqueous solution of anionic and nonionic surfactants.


specialty products, formulations, specialty additives

Markets and applications:

building & construction, concrete & mortar additives, road construction








Betoplast K is an air-entraining and plasticizing admixture intended for concretes and cement mortars. The product is an aqueous solution of anionic and non-ionic surfactants. It is in the form of a homogeneous liquid of blue colour. It solidifies at a temperature of about 1°C . The product is perfectly soluble in water. 

The most important function of the product is to increase the frost resistance of concrete. In addition, the air-entraining properties ensure the plasticity of the concrete mix, especially in the production of vibro-pressable elements. Thanks to this, it prevents the hopper from blocking during the production of paving stones.

Betoplast K is designed to introduce small and stable air bubbles into the fresh concrete mix. Due to evenly distributed pores the concrete gains frost-resistant properties. Broken capillaries reduce the absorbability of the hardened concrete, and at low temperatures, the freezing water expands in the pores, increasing its volume, which prevents an increase in internal pressure. In addition, the product improves the plasticity of the concrete. It causes air bubbles to act as bearings, increasing the plasticity of the mixture without the need to change the W/C ratio (water/cement). Moreover, using Betoplast K significantly reduces friction during the concrete pumping stage.

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Properties and applications:

  Product advantages:

  •  increases the frost resistance of concrete,
  •  plasticizes and aerates the concrete,
  •  may serve as a basis for further modifications,
  •  improves the plasticity of concrete,
  •  reduces friction when pumping concrete,
  •  for use with vibro-pressed concrete.


  •  construction industry,
  •  concrete,
  •  cement mortars.


concrete admixture plasticizer
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