MSP v.2 Styrenated phenol

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MSP v.2 Styrenated phenol
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MSP v.2 (Styrenated phenol) is a substance made up of a mixture of products of phenol and styrene reaction: primarily monostyrenated, distyrenated and tristyrenated phenol. This product is soluble in the majority of organic solvents, but it is difficult to disolve in water. It is a colourless to bright yellow liquid. The dynamic viscosity of MSP v.2 at the temperature of 250C ranges between 400-800 mPa.s. The product boiling temperature is over 2400C, and its flash point is above 1000C. The density of the substance at the temperature of 250C is approximately 1.08 g/cm3.

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Properties and applications

Properties and applications

Product advantages :

  • it does not produce discolourations and stains,
  • efficient antioxidant used in the rubber industry,
  • very good additive to epoxy resins,
  • excellent hardening acceleration,
  • very good stabilizer and anti-aging agent for rubber,
  • product highly compatible with other formulation ingredients.


  • production of coatings, including epoxy resins,
  • paint and varnish additive,
  • rubber industry,
  • production and processing of plastics.

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Other applications
CASE / Coatings, Sealants
Paints & Coatings
Plastics / Polymer additives
Raw materials and intermediates
Sports and recreation / Sport surfaces, Surfaces for playgrounds

Anti-stain agents
Antiwear Additives
CASE / Coatings
Formulation stabilizers
Raw materials & intermediates

Phenols / Styrenized phenols

Specialty Products / Specialty additives

Alternative names
Styrenated phenol, Styrenated Phenol Mixture, Styrenated Phenol, MSP, CAS 61788-44-1.

Manufacturer: PCC Synteza S.A.

PCC Synteza S.A. manufactures phenol based products. These are the products of heavy organic synthesis, intended for further processing in the chemical industry. These include the production of upgrading fuel additives.

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