TopMeister Stein - impregnation for split granite

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Mixture of potassium hydroxide and silane
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TopMeister Stein - impregnation for split granite - it is a professional preparation used for hydrophobization and protection of split granite against the ingress of dirt. The impregnation does not affect the colour and appearance of treated surfaces. The product is used for cladding panels, decking, fencing elements and for architectural details.

TopMeister Stein - impregnation for split granite – is a ready to use product of new generation. With carefully selected components and nanoparticles, it penetrates the material to the depth of several millimetres. On the surface of the impregnated granite, it forms a protective coating that protects against water ingress along with dirt. This protects granite against deterioration and retains its natural colour and appearance.

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Properties and applications

Product application:

  • impregnating,
  • hydrophobization,
  • securing.

Markets and applications
Building & Construction

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Alternative names
impregnation of split granite, impregnation for hydrophobing split granite, impregnation of split granite surfaces.
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