Chemical name:

Aqueous solution of amines, polyamines, and stabilizing additives


specialty products, formulations

Markets and applications:

power industry, water & wastewater treatment


complexing agents, dispersants, oxygen scavengers, pH regulators






Tensamin OS is a highly functional product designed for combined heat and power plants. It was designed to meet the requirements of operation of boilers and water-steam circuits. The unique composition combines the latest solutions in the field of corrosion protection applied in continuous operation conditions. The product regulates pH in the whole water-steam circuit and boiler water, prevents deposits of sediments and dissolves those already formed. 

An additional function of the product is the deoxidation of boiler water from the residues of so-called dissolved oxygen (DO2). Even a small amount of dissolved oxygen, especially at elevated temperatures, can increase corrosion. The composition does not contain hydrazine or phosphates, therefore Tensamin OS does not leave any deposits. The product is safe to store, unlike commonly used hydrazine. An important advantage is its ability to reduce the conductivity of water for the entire water-steam cycle without the need to desalinate the boiler, which saves water.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  •  effective pH correction in water-steam and condensate circuits,
  •  effective elimination of corrosion by capturing dissolved oxygen,
  •  prevents build-up of deposits, dissolves existing ones.


  •  pH correction of water-steam circuits in power plants and combined heat and power plants,
  •  anti-sediment and anti-corrosive protection in tanks and pipes for circulating water.

Alternative names:

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conditioning pH correction oxygen scavanger passivation antisedimentary agent sludge dispersing heat water energy heat and power plant power plant
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