PCC Group – green energy in surfactant production

The production of surface active agents (surfactants) at the PCC Group is fully covered by green energy originating from renewable sources.  Today PCC EXOL, the manufacturer of these substances, produces them with electric energy covered in 100% by solar or wind power.

Published: 9-11-2022

The green energy used for manufacturing surfactants allows a considerable reduction of the carbon footprint of both the company itself and the surfactants it produces. In consequence, PCC EXOL, as a part of the supply chain of manufacturers operating in various industry sectors, can have real impact on their carbon footprint.

PCC EXOL focuses their operations on sustainable production and consumption. They put a strong emphasis on such aspects as reducing the carbon footprint, designing new highly biodegradable products, or production based on natural resources. This surfactant manufacturer buys RES guarantees of origin which today cover the entire energy demand in production. PCC EXOL’s annual expenditure on the purchase of electric energy does not exceed 2% of the total purchase of raw materials and other materials.

PCC EXOL has long been actively pursuing initiatives to improve energy efficiency. The company implements new, innovative products as part of the line called PCC Greenline®. Half of PCC EXOL’s revenue comes from sales of products from that line. At the end of 2021, the green offer included over 100 different products. Today it is already around 180. These are mainly chemical raw materials and additives for various types of cosmetics and detergents, based on biodegradable raw materials of natural origin and, importantly, entirely manufactured with the use of green energy.

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